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Travel Turkey

Travel Turkey with Raha Holidays . We have more than 7 years being specialist in Turkey Tour Packages. We provide various category of packages such as Pakej Turki 4D3N, 6D5N Istanbul-Cappadoccia package, 8D7N and 9D8N Turkey tour, private trip, family trip and many more.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Turkey is one of the safest country to travel to. With less to no natural disaster, you can be worry free to travel to.

What i should be aware while in Turkey?

Even though it is less natural disaster, traveler still need to be always aware of their surrounding such as pickpocket, scam (people, taxi, tour seller and many more) and others. Recently there is rising concern about this incident happen in Turkey especially in Istanbul.

Is there a scam about Turkey Tour Packages from Malaysia?

It is undeniable facts that are many scammers selling unbelievable cheap Turkey tour packages. Please double check the integrity of the company with Malaysia Tourism Minister before proceeding with your booking. We at Raha Holidays have more 11 years experienced in managing tourist to Turkey and we already licensed travel agency since 2011.

Mahal ke Pakej Turki?

Pakej Turki yang ditawarkan Raha Holidays adalah antara yang termurah di pasaran. Anda boleh bandingkan harga kami dengan harga yang dijual oleh agensi yang lain!

Apa beza Pakej Turki Raha Holidays dan agensi lain?

Pakej yang ditawarkan oleh pihak kami adalah lebih fokus kepada pakej private Turki. Sekiranya anda ingin bercuti hanya bersama keluarga anda atau kawan-kawan anda atau ahli pejabat anda ke turki, anda datang kepada agensi yang tepat. Andai anda ingin mengubah atur cara perjalanan sepanjang di Turki, kami akan cuba sehabis baik untuk berkerja bersama anda untuk merealisasikan impian anda!

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